Rear Loader

ZOELLER delivers in this category 6 product lines in the range of 3-31 m³ to fulfill all customer requirements with the appropriate body and optimally suited lifter. Depending on the purpose, small bodies with a volume of 3-7 m³ of the MICRO-series to robust bulk-refuse body MAGNUM or the new volume optimized MEDIUM X4 are used. Each product group has its individual product advantages which we would like to explain to you in detail.


  • the universal rib bodywork MEDIUM X2evo is available with volumes from 16 to 29 cbm. In combination with a corresponding lifter, the standard container sizes according to DIN EN 840-1 to 3 can be used for emptying domestic, organic and light fractions. With an open loading process the compaction unit works semi-automatically for the safety of the loading staff.

Market sector

  • refuse collection in residential, urban and rural areas


  • sophisticated and reliable technology
  • robust, low maintenance compaction unit with slide-block guide of the carriage plate (casters optional)
  • long service life of the hopper by the use of highly wear-resistant steel in the production process
  • body operation via ergonomic colour-graphics display terminal with plain text error display
  • ergonomic rear light carrier with integrated control panel


  • swivel hinged door for high-level lifter
  • alternative tailgate adjustments for low-level lifters
  • various special equipment in the field of material, hydraulics, camera, lighting, parts, paint and operation for the body and chassis
    e.g. full tailgate LED lighting , wheel-track lighting, etc.
  • special wall and hopper reinforcements
  • organic waste equipment incl. organic waste reservoir
  • compaction-unit control parallel for shorter cycle times
  • multi-chamber design with retaining flap as variant MEDIUM X2c