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July 2024

"Allow me, I'm the new guy"

The MAGNUM series has a new addition. The offspring combines the best of all families. As robust and powerful as a MAGNUM and a true child of the X-Family at heart – from the hydraulic concept to the electronics. Powerful in the disposal of bulky, industrial and commercial waste. May we introduce? The MAGNUM X1.

Drilling thin boards is easy, as the German saying goes. Breaking thin boards is, contrary to what it seems at first, more difficult. At least when it comes to cabinet back panels, battens and the like in the hydraulic press. Jammed and wedged, they always cause disruptions in the operating process. The MAGNUM X1 puts an end to this. “Thin bulky goods are pre-crushed with longitudinal ribs on the carrier plate. Nothing gets stuck between the carrier plate and the scraper. The risk of the gap between the two getting bigger and bigger over time, of thin bulky goods simply pushing through and damaging internal components in the rear section is also eliminated,” explains Jürgen Kowalke, Head of Sales and Service Germany. The stair-shaped scraper also prevents the load from slipping into the collection tray. In the bulky waste vehicle version, the X1 has a robust crushing edge that ensures virtually splinter-free operation. However, it can also be combined with all lifters in the MEGA series.

Modern design, higher payload

It weighs less than its brother, the MAGNUM XXL. In addition, a 10-degree steeper rear section ensures a higher collection volume – between 18 and 30 cubic metres, depending on the wheelbase – and the loading density can also be increased via convenient fraction preselection on the control terminal. So much for the exterior values. Inside, special premium cylinders do their job, explains Kowalke. “Hollow-bored piston rods, in the bore of which the hydraulic fluid now runs. The advantage: there are significantly fewer hydraulic hoses hanging freely in the loading mechanism. A very tidy rear section interior. In addition, the piston rods have been mechanically raised, thus minimising the risk of damage from the load.” In addition, there is plenty of family connection: all the main features of the X-Family have been adopted. This means: hydraulic concept, control system and mechanical components, which in turn enables a fully circumferential tailgate seal and adjustable claw lock for a tight positive fit. An additional plus: training and instruction for loaders and workshop personnel will be much easier in future. This is because participants can now attend training courses for the X1 and X4 together, for example.

Could it be a little more robust?

“The XXL is good and indestructible, but it’s also very heavy,” says Jürgen Kowalke. This is unfavourable in conjunction with a transfer system. Another advantage of the X1 is therefore its lighter construction. But of course, durability and robustness are also guaranteed in this version. “We test our vehicles in an endurance test. A complete life cycle of the product is mapped or simulated. This gives us the certainty that the product can be safely launched on the market.”

Successful debut

13 May 2024 was the premiere of the MAGNUM X1 at IFAT. Stage fright? Not at all. After all, the ZOELLER engineers and mechatronics technicians, sales, service and management had been fine-tuning every detail of the debutant for around five years. Valuable suggestions also came from ZOELLER customers with their experiences from daily practice. The X-Family was launched in 2016. “The idea for the X1 was born around 2018 and is the logical and consistent continuation of the X-Family concept,” says Sven Walter, Head of Internal Sales. The MAGNUM X1 is the result of a group-wide development with the development expertise at ZOELLER TECH. The X1 certainly received plenty of positive reactions at IFAT 2024: lots of applause, oohs and ahhs from wipers to details and optics to cylinders. But we think: No wonder, with such a well-behaved offspring.

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