We aim to provide you as our customer with solid refuse collection bodies and lifters.
Through continuous developments, innovative ideas are included in series production or are offered as options.

ZOELLER as a turnkey supplier for refuse collection vehicles and lifters offers you the following 8 product lines MICRO, MINI, MEDIUM, MEDIUM X2, MEDIUM X4, MAGNUM, LoToS and the extended side loader family SLF ( XL ) an extensive range of body versions.

Therefore our portfolio of products offers the most common customer requirements with body volumes of 3 cbm to 31 cbm.
Due to our unique lifter range with more than 200 models container sizes from 60 litres to 10 cbm can be emptied. The sophisticated lifter technology allows high performance and reliability in everyday use.

Today throughout Europe over 2.500 employees are serving our customer’s needs.

Our history

75 years of company history

The company ZÖLLER-KIPPER was founded in 1947 in the legal form of a partnership. In the course of company succession the company was converted into a GmbH (PLC) in 1959. Through constant technical innovations the ZÖLLER-KIPPER GmbH has grown from a small family business into Europe’s largest producer of hydraulic lifting and tipping devices, called lifters.

As a result of strategic alliances and subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Poland the range of lifter systems was extended to complete refuse collection vehicles.
Through the merger with the french SEMAT S.A. and the german HALLER Umweltsysteme GmbH & Co two more market-experienced and powerful premium businesses have been part of the ZOELLER-group for several years, and you as a customer can directly benefit from their technical know-how.

The extension of the product range to small refuse collection vehicles took place with the acquisition of Hagemann GmbH in 2012. Thus we can offer our customers a wide range of complete solutions from a single source.

In July 2019, ZÖLLER-KIPPER GmbH acquired 60 percent shares of the leading refuse collection vehicle manufacturer FARID, FEG Brivio S.p.A. from families Orecchia, Mazzini-Martinelli and Brivio. The ZOELLER group can expand its market share through the majority acquisition of FARID.

Standards committee

Company ZÖLLER-KIPPER has worked in the Standards Committee since 1970 for the development of refuse containers and their interface with the lifter systems.
Thus, for example changes and enhancements of the safety systems are detected in time and put into practice.

Vision & Values

Our vision & values

A shared vision & values creates a sense of togetherness and gives our vision one direction. It underpins our claim to always be among the best in everything we do. Each individual contributes to make our vision & values come true.

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Vision and values manual

Anti-discrimination flyer

Technik entscheidet.

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of lifter systems.

  • At the same time, we are known for innovation that drives sophisticated and individual solutions.
  • Flexibility and a fast, customer-oriented service are characteristic of our actions.
  • With our down-to-earth corporate philosophy, we always cultivate openness with partners and employees.

Bild der Kirchhoff Brüder Arndt, Wolfgang und Johannes


Bild Handschlag für ZOELLER-Compliance-Handbuch

Compliance Manual
Our code of conduct and rules.
“Compliance” means observing rules and laws.
The ZOELLER Compliance Organisation helps to explain rules, to observe them in everyday life and to control them. In this way, we can reduce potential risks to a minimum.

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Quality commitment


Environmental management

For several years, we have not only been certified for our quality, but also for the way we apply our environmental management system. One of the main principles of our company policy includes responsibility for our environment.

With the continuous improvement of products, systems, procedures and processes, the economical use of resources is an important objective which is observed and encouraged in all levels of the organization. The economic benefits of our activities must not be at the expense of human health and the protection of the environment. Therefore,  already in the development phase and also in subsequent production processes, environmentally-friendly thinking, technical safety and health protection are our key targets.

As part of an environmentally-friendly logistics process, packaging material is reduced to a minimum. All environmental aspects are taken into account in the distribution of our products.

Quality management

We are continuously increasing our level of quality which can only succeed by systematically responding with speed, flexibility and expertise to our customers’ demands and proving that ZÖLLER-KIPPER is a customer-oriented, innovative company. To continuously improve both quality and environmental aspects, we set objectives and monitor their implementation. We note the satisfaction of our customers in particular areas and use complaints as an opportunity for improvement. Our integrated management system has been certified for years in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 & 14001.

In line with company policy, business processes are based on the goal of delivering products and services to the customer at the right quality level to meet their requirements and contribute to their success. The pursuit of this strategy in economic terms is a fundamental prerequisite for our own, long-term business success.
This requires that all employees have a solid command of the processes assigned to them, the required state-of-the-art expertise, and a permanent focus on quality. This basis comes from well-trained staff, plus a future-oriented personnel policy and a positive corporate culture.Only when every member of our quality chain is aligned with these principles can we guarantee our customers lasting and consistent quality.

ZÖLLER-KIPPER has stood for this very demanding level of quality for many years and it is our ultimate goal to continuously improve in the future to ensure that the needs of our customers are always met and that we remain a leader in environmental consideration.

final assembly shop

Modern production

We attach great importance to the use of advanced manufacturing technologies such as CNC machines and welding robots in the production process. A large proportion of the individual components is produced in-house in order to ensure the necessary quality and flexibility.

Quality assurance

Our system components have arisen from many years of experience under harsh operating conditions and thus offer maximum reliability and durability. Safety-related components undergo internal endurance tests. The treatment of large steel components in a sand blasting chamber prior to assembly and painting contribute to the long service life.

Quality Control

Product development

In order to obtain technically advanced solutions, the development of individual components and entire ZOELLER systems are carried out using the latest 3D CAD technologies that allow kinematic and strength analyses as well as component optimization in the predevelopment phase.
The result of this approach are numerous ZOELLER patents.
The development and refinement of refuse collection vehicles takes place within the KIRCHHOFF Ecotec with development branches in Osterholz, Rekowo Gorne (Poland) and Berlin.

Parts shipment

To achieve a high vehicle availability, we offer overnight part deliveries or upon agreement also by courier.