The ZOELLER Group, headquartered in Mainz, Germany, employs more than 2,500 people worldwide.

In addition to Germany, ZOELLER produces refuse collection vehicles as well as electric and hydraulic lifter systems in eight other countries.


  • Headquarters in Mainz, Germany
  • More than 300 employees
  • Founded in 1947
  • Production plant for electric and hydraulic lifter systems as well as for refuse collection vehicles
  • Service Center for Germany
  • 10 locations in total


  • Headquarters in Ricany, Czech Republic
  • 270 employees
  • Founded in 1992
  • Production plant for steel components, components and assemblies for ZOELLER lifter systems and assembly
  • Service center for the Czech Republic

EKOCEL Sp.z o.o. und ZOELLER TECH Sp.z. o.o.

  • Headquarters in Rekowo Górne, Poland
  • More than 850 employees
  • ZOELLER TECH founded in 1992 and EKOCEL in 1997
  • Production plant for ZOELLER and EKOCEL refuse collection vehicles
  • Service center for ZOELLER, EKOCEL, FAUN, HALLER, JOAB, SEMAT in Poland
  • 3 locations in total

FARID Industrie S.p.a.

  • Headquarters in Vinovo, Italy
  • More than 550 employees
  • Founded in 1929, since 2018 at ZOELLER
  • Production for FARID commercial vehicles
  • Sales and service center for Italy
  • 6 locations in total

FARID owns the Farid Hillend Engineering Limited production and service plant in the UK.


  • Headquarters in La Rochelle, France
  • 400 employees
  • Founded in 1945, since 2008 at ZOELLER
  • Production plant of SEMAT refuse collection vehicles
  • Service Center for France

Production and service plant of Manjot Environnement S.A.S. and B.O.M Services S.A.R.L also belong to SEMAT.

STUMMER Kommunalfahrzeuge Ges.m.b.H

  • Headquarters in Bischofshofen, Austria
  • More than 60 employees
  • Founded in 1990; since 1996 at ZOELLER
  • Installation of STUMMER refuse collection vehicles and sweepers
  • Service center for Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia

HALLER Benelux

  • Headquarters in Hedel, Netherlands
  • 28 employees
  • Founded in 1991, since 2014 at ZOELLER
  • Assembly of ZOELLER superstructures
  • Service center for the Benelux countries


  • Headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa
  • 9 employees
  • Founded in 1991, since 1997 at ZOELLER
  • Production and assembly of lifter
  • Sales for South Africa


  • Headquarters in Mainz, Germany
  • Technology department in Graz, Austria
  • 5 employees
  • Founded in 2022
  • R&D and sales support of sensor-based systems of RCV for a qualitative recording of collected waste and intelligent data processing

FFS Equipos Urbanos

  • Headquarters in Gavá, Barcelona, Spain
  • 17 employees
  • 2021 joint venture between FARID, FAUN, SEMAT and Spanish ZOELLER partner CIVISLAR
  • Sales and after sales service of products of the brands FARID, SEMAT and FAUN in Spain