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    ZOELLER Group

    For more than three decades, we have been working every day to keep the streets clean and ensure that waste is recycled in an environmentally friendly way or disposed of properly.

The Company

What We Do

In addition to the ZÖLLER-KIPPER headquarters in Mainz, the ZOELLER GROUP produces refuse collection vehicles and electric and hydraulic lifter systems in eight other European countries. At ZOELLER, you get the vehicle and lifter from a single source. Size, volume, drive technology and lifter systems – we offer you a comprehensive range to suit your requirements and can even customize them if necessary. Our driving force: passion for technology, enthusiasm for innovation and enjoyment of sophisticated products. We don’t just want to get them on the road, we also ensure that everything runs smoothly for our customers at all times with training courses, maintenance contracts, emergency services and rental vehicles.

Vision & Values

For us as a family-run company, visions and values are particularly important: for generations, they have formed the basis for trusting cooperation and for our entrepreneurial success. They are the bond that unites all ZOELLER employees into a strong team.


“Compliance” means agreeing to follow certain rules: In the ZOELLER Group handbook of the same name, we set out the principles of interpersonal behaviour and our role in society. Compliance with laws and internal guidelines is a top priority for us. In order to rectify irregularities immediately and avert damage, we rely on potential violations of laws, internal rules or risks being reported to us immediately. For responsible thinking and acting.


Our management team and employees around the world share a passion for technology and a vision for a clean, emission-free future.

Thomas Schmitz, CEO ZOELLER Gruppe (centre)
Volker Schröder, CFO ZOELLER Gruppe (right)
Markus Dautermann, COO ZOELLER Gruppe (left)

Company History

For centuries, our ancestors threw their waste out of the window, and it was not until the end of the 19th century that they began to transport it away. The modern technology behind today’s waste collection vehicles was invented in the 1930s – by master mechanic Hans Zöller.

This is what we stand for


State-of-the-art production techniques, meticulous quality controls and a passion for innovation make us a leading supplier.


Mix and match - over 200 lifter variants for container sizes from 60 to 10,000 litres, superstructures from Micro to Magnum or individually manufactured plus drives from conventional to future.


Accidents, breakdowns, order peaks - with us there is no standstill. You can rent or lease vehicles from our extensive fleet at any time - with variable contract and term models.

Customer proximity

Delivery service and detailed instruction for your new vehicles, maintenance and comprehensive service for your used vehicles in daily use: we are at your side with more than 100 customer service technicians throughout Europe.