CLEAN Option :

A general odour problem and strain on operators occurs often due to moulds, viruses and fine dust particulates (bioaerosols). The consequence are potential damage to health and costs resulting from occupational diseases.

ZOELLER provides the solution:
The ambient air is blown via radial blowers with an air pressure of about 600-800 Pascal through the narrow slots (0.5 -1 mm) of the air blades into the tailgate. Due to the induction effect, the air is accelerated by the air blade and results in an air curtain, which counteracts the outflow of bioaerosols.

-Active air filtration in the work area

The extraction system generates a vacuum in the tailgate, which ensures that there is always a flow of air from outside into the tailgate. Due to the large opening cross-sections of the tailgates the selected axial fans deliver air volumes of about 2000-3000m³/hour (depending on the wear condition of the filter element). The extracted air must be cleaned via a flter element prior to release into the environment. Due to the characteristics of the different particles, a three-stage extraction is required:

  1. Coarse filter for coarse particles and to protect the following fine filters
  2. Fine filter for moulds and fine dust, germs and viruses
  3. Activated carbon filter against oudors.

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