Safety / assistance systems

Products in this segment include optional components which make a significant contribution to operator safety.

Fall protection for the safety and security of persons working on the roof of refuse collection vehicles:

  • If work is to be carried out on the roof of refuse collection vehicles, there is a particular risk to the persons carrying out the work because there is no lateral support on the roof. The hazard potential is increased if the roof still contains residual moisture. With this Bi Line system ZOELLER offers you the ideal security solution:
  • Between the standard fixings at the corners of the body, 2 wire ropes are tensioned in the longitudinal direction as guide ropes. A third wire rope serves as a cross connection to the two wire ropes tensioned in the longitudinal direction.
  • The belt system of the worker is attached by means of a snap hook to this cross connection.
  • The belt system has a separate order no.