Alternative drives

The topic Alternative drives is becoming increasingly important. Hybrid, electric or fuel cell vehicle drives are classified as future-oriented technologies. ZÖLLER-KIPPER offers you all 3 variants and as a special feature with the BLUEPOWER the resource-saving battery/hydrogen vehicle for climate-neutral waste disposal.


  • BLUEPOWER is a zero-emission drive for refuse collection vehicles.
  • This concept combines a fully electric chassis with safe hydrogen fuel cell technology as range extender. This combination estends the operating times and range of vehicles with conventional drive technology.
  • A glider on the basis of the Mercedes Benz Econic chassis is used as chassis and combined with a drive train developed in-house.

Market sector

  • This vehicle was specially developed for use in the waste disposal industry and offers towns, cities, municipalities and waste management companies the opportunity to use the future-oriented TECHNOLOGY already now


  • 100 % clean, reduces CO2, NOx emissions and fine dust
  • Operational safety through a steadily growing network of filling stations
  • Fuel cells and hydrogen tanks can be upgraded modularly
  • The BLUEPOWER configuration is determined in line with demand, based on data analysis of the current area of application.
  • Small payload restrictions
  • Almost silent drive
  • very efficient drive through the fuel cell with a system efficiency of approx. 60%


  • Modular design with up to 3 x 30kW fuel cells and up to 4 tank groups for a total of 16.8 kg hydrogen at 700 bar.
  • CLEAN DRIVE body with 22,5m³ or as H- version with a volume of 24.5 m³
  • On-Board-Charger “OBC“ allows operation at public charging points, which are also used for cars, with 22 kW / 380V.
  • Tour data analysis to determine energy requirements for the use of a BLUEPOWER CLEAN DRIVE refuse collection vehicle for the corresponding collection area
  • FULL service flat rate for BLUEPOWER Chassis, CLEAN DRIVE body and lifter