Alternative drives

The topic Alternative drives is becoming increasingly important. Hybrid, electric or fuel cell vehicle drives are classified as future-oriented technologies. ZÖLLER-KIPPER offers you all 3 variants and as a special feature with the BLUEPOWER the resource-saving battery/hydrogen vehicle for climate-neutral waste disposal.


  • The CLEAN DRIVE body is a specially designed body for the BLUEPOWER chassis and for other fully electric chassis.
  • In contrast to the MEDIUM X2, the CLEAN DRIVE is an electrified body with 2 interior electric motors with direct mounted hydraulic pumps.
  • The CLEAN DRIVE body is available with a volume of 22,5 m³ in the standard height version and 24,5 m³ in the high version (200 mm higher). Both variants fit on the BLUEPOWER chassis with a wheelbase of 3900 mm.

Market sector

  • In combination with the BLUEPOWER chassis for refuse and recycling material collection in residential, urban and rural areas.


  • Sophisticated and reliable technology with innovative developments
  • Optimized front frame to increase the volume by approx. 0.7 m³ with the same wheelbase
  • Robust, low maintenance compaction unit with glide-block guide of the carriage plate (slide rollers as an option)
  • New ergonomic operator terminal with 7″ colour TFT monitor in the cab for an intuitive operation via touch or jog dial
  • Ergonomic rear-light carrier with integrated control panel
  • Optimal axle-load distribution in connection with the BLUEPOWER chassis by installing the battery modules under the driver’s cab.


  • Swivel-hinged door for high-level lifters DELTA PREMIUM 2322
  • Alternate tailgate design for ZOELLER Low Level lifter ROTARY 2418
  • Various special equipment regarding material, hydraulics, camera, lighting, attachments, paint and operation for the body
  • g. full LED lighting at tailgate, wheel-track lighting, etc.
  • ZOELLER Worker Protection System II (WPS II)
  • Organic waste equipment with different organic waste reservoirs
  • FULL service flat rate for BLUEPOWER Chassis, CLEAN DRIVE body and lifter