EPSILON 2600 electric, 24V

High Level (HL)

The lifter systems of this product line are designed for closed refuse collection of domestic waste in 2- or 4-wheeled containers in accordance with EN 840-1 / 2 / 3. Depending on the density of containers in the collection area manual systems are available for rural areas with few containers or automatic systems for high density areas (city). Automatic systems offering emptying periods of 6 sec for 2-wheeled containers or 8 sec for 4-wheeled containers guarantee best collection performance. The emptying cycle is operated and monitored by a control unit.

Low Level (LL)

Lifter systems of this product line are desiged for the collection of 2-and 4-wheeled containers in accordance with EN-840-1 / 2 / 3 and offer with their low rave rail particularly favorable conditions for open collection and manual loading of sacks and bulky waste. Depending on the model version, operation can be carried out via lever, Joystick or push button. Pickup of special containers is possible and inquiries will be dealt with individually.

EPSILON -System 2600 – DIN, electrical

  • Fully electric, split 24V automatic lifter with new innovative drive concept for the highest performance on closed refuse collections.
  • DIN-interface allows the use on different vehicle types without special preparation

Market sectors

  • Residential and commercial areas with high container density
  • Applicable for the following container types:
    – 80-340 l bin EN 840-1
    – 500-1200 l EN 840-2 – flat lid
    – 770-1300 l EN 840-3 – dome lid
  • Special containers depending on model


  • Powerful electric motors with flange type gears move the carriage units UP vertically via a drive chain in linear lateral guides. At the end position of the vertical movement the motion is converted into a rotation (tipping) movement via a rack and pinion gear. The DOWN movement is carried out via gravity.
  • Container retention as well as active container locking via an integrated hydraulic power unit with separate oil tank.
  • Modern, functional design with smooth, multi-part lateral panels and maintenance-friendly access
  • Safety controller with integrated display and service interface on the lifter
  • Increased safety for your employees through active sensor technology
  • Ergonomically arranged controls in protected construction
  • Selectable operating modes for manual, semi- or fully automatic emptying process, as well as switching between single and combined mode
  • Simple attachment due to the DIN interface (DIN EN 1501)


  • The applied 24V technology allows the use of all standard chassis types
  • Potential energy savings up to 70% as against a conventional hydraulic lifter and thus an increased range in connection with battery-electric or fuel-cell chassis.
  • Greatest collection performance with maximum ease of use
  • Emptying process with low dust/noise emissions and particularly low-stress container handling
  • Higher load capacity due to lower lifter weight
  • Great manoeuvrability through short vehicle overhang
  • Large ground clearance preventing any damage when manoeuvering especially reversing.
  • Safe stand for the worker with max. shoulder space acc. to EN 1501-1.
  • Optimal for 1-men-operation with two independent lifter unit
  • High serviceability due to the consistent use of particularly low-maintenance components and standardised assemblies


  • Worker Protection System (WPS-II) for increased worker safety
  • Dust curtain equipment allowing for cleaner working areas
  • Sensor-controlled working-area protection
  • Integrated working lamps for optimal illumination of the working area
  • integrated, energy-saving LED lighting for the operating controls.
  • Preparation for additional cameras (footboard monitoring / 270° / 360° birds-eye view)
  • Pre-installation for reverse-warning systems
  • Preparation for weighing/identification systems
  • Pick-up of special containers