ViSy-Assistance protection system

Safety / assistance systems

Products in this segment include optional components which make a significant contribution to operator safety.

  • For reversing without positioning assistant we offer you compliant to the Road Traffic Regulations StVO § 9 and the Industry regulation DGUV the Assistance Protection System ViSy.
  • The ViSy System with 3D technology allows capturing scenes and objects with just one picture = 3D Room monitoring
  • The cameras are robust and insensitive to ambient light.


  • The system serves as collision protection, area monitoring and position determination of objects
  • Utilized when driving backwards, the 3D technology can calculate the probability of a collision by means of the automatic object recognition taking into account the motion vector. The system evaluates objects directly on the vehicle and classifies them based on determined distance values in different danger zones.
  • According to the determined danger zone, active reactions, e.g. acoustic and optical signalling and also an automatic reaction in an emergency (motor stop of the chassis, depending on the chassis) can be triggered.
  • This ensures active rear-working area monitoring at the refuse collection vehicle with additional assistance for the driver.
  • In addition to the active rear-working area monitoring we offer you:

3D turning assistant / underrun protection device

  • To protect the lateral area when turning, starting or stopping we offer you the 3D turn-off assistant with an individual zone monitoring.

Example Rear Loader:

Example Side loader: