Rear Loader

ZOELLER delivers in this category 6 product lines in the range of 3-31 m³ to fulfill all customer requirements with the appropriate body and optimally suited lifter. Depending on the purpose, small bodies with a volume of 3-7 m³ of the MICRO-series to robust bulk-refuse body MAGNUM or the new volume optimized MEDIUM X4 are used. Each product group has its individual product advantages which we would like to explain to you in detail.


  • The MEDIUM X4 has a rigid, smooth-surfaced body with a curved contour and two externally mounted longitudinal reinforcing profiles
  • The angular position of the end frame on the body has been increased to 80° resulting in a volume increase of 1.0 cbm
  • The body width is only 2,3 m. Depending on the lifter fitted the body width can be increased to up to 2.512 mm due to the fitting of the footboards. This specification applies to the lifter DELTA PREMIUM 2322.
  • The MEDIUM X4 has an optimized tailgate with roof-mounted lifting cylinders for weight reduction. The short overhang leads to a great manoeuvrability of the vehicle.
  • The MEDIUM X4N has a Internal mounted carriage plate cylinders to prevent waste leakage, tailgate fully sealed against the whole body circumference

Market sector

  • refuse and recycling material collection especially because of the body width of only 2,3 m in residential, urban and rural areas with narrow access roads


  • Weight display in the ZOELLER-Control-System (ZCS)
  • Ergonomic operator terminal with 7″ – colour TFT monitor in the cab for an intuitive operation via jog dial with easy to understand symbols
  • Ergonomic control panel on the tailgate with integrated LED lighting
  • Internal mounted carriage plate cylinders to prevent waste leakage, tailgate fully sealed against the whole-body circumference.
  • Energy-efficient operation due to reduced oil quantities in the hydraulic system
  • Small body dimension for the greatest possible effective volume for the standard wheelbases
  • Selectable waste fractions, to suit a wide range of applications and optimise compaction pressures
  • Laser distance measurement of the ejection plate


  • Swivel-hinged door for high-level lifters, e.g. DELTA PREMIUM 2322
  • Additional weight and payload advantages due to the integrated High Level lifter DELTA PREMIUM 2316
  • Various special equipment in the field of material, hydraulics, camera, lighting, parts, paint and operation for the body and chassis
    e.g. full LED lighting at tailgate, wheel-track lighting, etc.
  • Special wall and hopper reinforcements
  • Organic waste equipment with different organic waste reservoirs