Project: Climate-neutral recycling management

A perfect recycling management, is this possible?

According to Mr Schwarz, Managing Director of aha Hanover, this is not a utopia but a clear objective for the future. Two crucial prerequisites for this occurred this week. On the one hand the project hydrogen plasma analysis is promoted with funding notification from the Environment and Energy Minister of Lower Saxony, Olaf Lies and on the other hand the first battery-/ hydrogen fuel cell driven refuse collection vehicle was put into operation. Minister Lies was so thrilled by the technology of the  BLUEPOWER CLEAN DRIVE X4  that he directly turned a few rounds under the guidance of a trained refuse collector and Mr Schwarz. This way, not only the hydrogen is obtained via bio-mechanical waste treatment through bio-methane in future in Hanover but is also recycled directly for the Hydrogen mobility of commercial vehicles. A perfect recycling management.

With the symbolic handover of the keys to Mr Frank Bier, deputy head of the Waste and Recycling Material Collection aha by colleague Jürgen Kowalke, the spirit of optimism was clearly noticeable among all those involved on the factory premises of aha Hanover. ZÖLLER-KIPPER GmbH is proud being able to support aha Hanover with this project with further alternatively driven vehicles also in future.

We at ZÖLLER-KIPPER wish you all a good and clean journey.

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