Stadtreinigung Hamburg Paper disposal – more collection performance through compactor body

Stadtreinigung Hamburg Paper disposal – more collection performance through compactor body

Hamburg – Waste paper collection vehicles also process residual waste

Since 2021, Stadtreinigung Hamburg has carried out the paper collection in-house also for underground containers. Since the collection is done in-house, the concept was changed from RCV with crane bodies and roll-off tipper bodies as well as open containers without compaction to RCV with crane and compaction body.

The collection vehicles are rear-end loaders of type Medium by ZOELLER-KIPPER. The manufacturer located in Mainz installed a funnel at the rear which is open at the top into which the paper containers are emptied. A flap at the rear to throw free waste is also available.

During the collection tour, the loading crane is stored on top of the vehicle body. This allows a faster and safer crane operation compared with the folding of the crane transverse to the direction of travel. ZOELLER-KIPPER adjusted the body height to comply with the maximum allowable vehicle height of 4m. The packer plate in the vehicle compresses the waste and enables maximum utilisation of the payload.

Investigations of Stadtreinigung Hamburg showed that up to 4 times more waste can be collected during a collection tour with this concept compared to the collection with open interchangeable container vehicle. Moreover, the waste remains protected from the weather in the compactor.The concept with interchangeable containers also provides container coverage in order to prevent loosing waste through the airstream during collection. However, the handling of a container cover is more complicated and the compaction of paper and cardboard is not possible. Stadtreinigung Hamburg also uses underground containers in public and private space for taking residual and organic waste, paper and recycling materials. The new collection vehicles can pick up and remove these waste types as well. Before collecting paper the body interior room is cleaned.

For safety reasons, two operators are required to work on one vehicle to be able to position the vehicle at the collection point and to secure the work place during emptying.

When operating the loading crane via radio control the operators can take turns. Currently, 15 crane refuse vehicles within the fleet of 1000 vehicles of Stadtreinigung Hamburg are in use.