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  • We introduce

    Our X Family

    With innovative design features and a focus on efficiency and sustainability, the X Family refuse collection vehicles present themselves as a pioneering solution for waste disposal.


  • Complete bio-tightness due to all-round seal
  • More usable volume thanks to optimised body design with integrated intermediate frame
  • Hydraulic concept designed for energy efficiency and modular control system, already future-orientated for alternative drives
  • Hydraulic and mechanical tailgate locking device with force-locking claw lock
  • No profile tapering the body due to contour-integrated, roof-mounted rear lifting cylinders
  • Variable body concept in length, width and height
  • Robust, maintenance-free linear guidance of the carriage plate via centrally lubricated sliding elements

Medium X4

The Manoeuvrable

No more long manoeuvring: The rear loader with a usable volume of 18 to 25 m3 as standard is particularly suitable for collection in collection areas with narrow access roads thanks to its compact tailgate and low overhang – ideal for waste and recyclables collection in inner-city areas. For special applications, the body volume can be increased to up to 27.5 m3 and, in the MEDIUM X4H version with a 200 millimetre higher collection box, to up to 30 m3. Roof-mounted tailgate opening gliders ensure an optimised shift in the centre of gravity towards the front axle – while also protecting against damage during unloading. Plus: A weight-optimised, reinforced body increases the payload.


  • Manoeuvrability & optimum axle load distribution due to short rear overhang
  • High loading & compaction performance due to short packer plate, steeply positioned carrier plate and fast cycle time

  • X4N: Body width 2300mm
  • X4H: Increased body volume, 200 mm higher
  • Closed tailgate suitable for DIN interface or integrated lifter systems
  • Clean Option

  • High level & low level lifter
  • Residual waste
  • Paper, cardboard, carton


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Brochure Medium X4

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Brochure Medium X4N

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Prospekt Medium X4H

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Medium X2


The all-rounder with optimised body volume and large hopper offers a usable volume of 21 to 24 m3 as standard, up to 30m3 for special applications – and in the MEDIUM X2H version with a 200 millimetre higher body and the same vehicle length, even a volume of up to 31 m3. This is perfect for collection in areas with wide access roads and a high proportion of 4-wheel containers. The refuse fraction can be set on the control terminal: Recyclables, residual waste, biowaste and paper are compacted at the optimum pressure – glass is also available on customer request. Also ideal for the collection of recyclables in bags.


  • Large hopper volume
  • The right body for all applications

  • X2H: Body raised by 200 mm
  • X2L: Body reduced by 200 mm
  • Closed or open tailgate
  • Clean Option

  • for high-level lifter, low-level lifter and commercial lifter
  • for open loading
  • Residual waste
  • Paper, paperboard, carton
  • Industrial / Commercial Waste


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Brochure Medium X2

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This is what we stand for


State-of-the-art production techniques, meticulous quality controls and a passion for innovation make us a leading supplier.


Mix and match - over 200 lifter variants for container sizes from 60 to 10,000 litres, superstructures from Micro to Magnum or individually manufactured plus drives from conventional to future.


Accidents, breakdowns, order peaks - with us there is no standstill. You can rent or lease vehicles from our extensive fleet at any time - with variable contract and term models.

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Delivery service and detailed instruction for your new vehicles, maintenance and comprehensive service for your used vehicles in daily use: we are at your side with more than 100 customer service technicians throughout Europe.