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What is ZOELLER's understanding of sustainability?

Sustainable business has always been one of our core values. For us, this means harmonizing the three dimensions of economy, ecology, and social responsibility. With our vehicles and lifters, the ZOELLER Group is a major global supplier to the waste management industry, laying the foundations for the transition to a circular economy. Our products therefore make a significant contribution to climate neutrality and the conservation of resources.

What are ZOELLER's sustainability goals?

We take our responsibility to our employees, the environment and society as a whole very seriously. To meet this responsibility, we consider the legal, economic, technological, social, and environmental impact of our business decisions and actions. Our aim is to contribute to the social, economic, and environmental development of the countries and regions in which the ZOELLER Group operates. To this end, we have firmly anchored key aspects such as integrity and fair competition, respect for employees and human rights and their representatives, health, and safety at work and environmental protection in our sustainability guidelines.

Preserving nature and biodiversity for future generations is a fundamental principle of our business policy. For this reason, we have been certified not only for our quality but also for our environmental management system for several years. In the continuous improvement of products and processes, the economical use of resources and environmentally conscious thinking are fundamental factors that are taken into account and promoted at all levels of the organization.

To this end, measures such as the switch to green electricity and gas, the installation of photovoltaic systems, energy modernization and regular monitoring of energy consumption have already been implemented.


  • Climate protection is one of our core topics. In order to make our contribution to global climate protection, we have developed a transformation concept and are pursuing the reduction of emissions from our innovations and locations with the associated measures and targets.
  • With our alternative drive systems for refuse collection vehicles and lifters, the increased efficiency of our vehicles and comprehensive safety and assistance systems, as well as the targets for conserving resources in the business division, we are enabling a more sustainable collection of recyclable materials for a functioning circular economy.


  • We are committed to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the core labour standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO). We expect the same from our business partners throughout the value chain.
  • We rely on comprehensive safety and assistance systems to protect our employees, end consumers and society. In this way, society can also benefit from our innovations.


  • Our Code of Conduct is the guiding principle of our corporate governance, and we believe that sustainable management is part of responsible corporate governance.
  • With our stakeholders in mind, we are committed to transparent and honest reporting.
  • We are working on communication and training programmes to raise awareness, particularly among our employees.


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Our corporate culture is characterised by responsibility and mutual respect towards our employees and business partners. Compliance with laws and internal regulations is a top priority. Find out how suspected violations of laws and internal regulations can be reported.

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