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  • The company founders of AMEC shpk Altin Fuga (left) and Oltjon Sota (right) are now co-partners. Markus Dautermann (centre) is delighted with the new strong partnership.

11th of September 2023


ZÖLLER-KIPPER GmbH recently acquired a majority stake in AMEC shpk, a company based in Durres, west of the Albanian capital Tirana.

The company founders Altin Fuga (CEO) and Oltjon Sota (CFO) will remain as co-shareholders of AMEC. By taking over the very well-equipped company, which was only founded in 2020, the Mainz-based manufacturer of refuse collection vehicles and lifter systems is securing more capacity in steel construction and relieving the burden on its production companies in Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy, among others, in the manufacture of components

The modern equipment at AMEC offers the best opportunities for integration into the production processes of the ZOELLER Group. The young team of employees is optimally trained for this. The aim is to develop the production of individual components, welded components and fully assembled, painted and tested kits. A positive side effect is the proximity to the plant in Italy.

“Secure and future-proof supply chains are just as important to us as safeguarding our expertise through our own production facilities, combined with a transfer of knowledge from ZOELLER to AMEC, so that the quality of the components meets our high standards,” explains Markus Dautermann, COO of the ZOELLER Group.

„Sichere und zukunftsfeste Lieferketten sind uns genauso wichtig, wie die Absicherung unseres Know-Hows durch eigene Produktionsstätten, verbunden mit einem Wissenstransfer von ZOELLER zu AMEC, damit die Qualität der Komponenten unseren hohen Standards entspricht.“

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