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25. Januar 2024


The shareholders of the KIRCHHOFF Group have decided to modernise the corporate structures of the KIRCHHOFF Ecotec Group and to adapt them to the company’s international presence and aspirations. To this end, the KIRCHHOFF Ecotec holding companies will be converted into the legal form of a European Company (Societas Europaea, SE).

The KIRCHHOFF Group has always been a strong, innovative family business with a long tradition, company and family history. Prudent behaviour, reliability, integrity and safety for our employees, customers and suppliers are among the core values of the KIRCHHOFF Group and are fundamental components of the company’s DNA. Consistent family values, sustainable structures and secure jobs are the basis for the family to lead the KIRCHHOFF Group into a successful future. The family shareholders have therefore implemented a cross-generational succession solution in the form of a family foundation to ensure that the KIRCHHOFF Group remains in the hands of the Kirchhoff family in the long term. The modernisation of the KIRCHHOFF Ecotec Group is also to take place in connection with this. Overall, the new structure will ensure the long-term survival of the group of companies. The decision-making structures in the company and the influence of the Kirchhoff family will remain essentially unchanged in the new structure.

22nd of December 2023


  • The locations of Geesink Norba Holding B.V. in the Netherlands (Emmeloord, Amsterdam, Rijnmond) and up to 125 jobs will be retained
  • Insolvency proceedings of Geesink Norba Holding B.V. were opened on 12 December 2023

The ZOELLER GROUP takes over parts of the assets of Geesink Norba Holding B.V. from Emmeloord (Netherlands): On 20 December 2023, a framework agreement was reached on the transfer of the material assets. Financial assets will not be taken over. One week earlier, insolvency proceedings were opened over the assets of Geesink Norba Holding B.V., a limited liability company incorporated and existing under Dutch law with its registered office in Emmeloord, Netherlands. The material assets are to be taken over with effect from 1 January 2024.

The buyer is the internationally active ZOELLER GROUP, headquartered in Mainz. “By acquiring the material assets of Geesink Norba Holding B.V., we will expand our portfolio of refuse collection vehicles and ensure the service and spare parts supply for existing customers. We look forward to welcoming the new team to our group of companies under the traditional HALLER brand,” says ZOELLER CEO Thomas Schmitz.


The ZOELLER GROUP is an expert in state-of-the-art refuse collection vehicles and emptying systems for refuse containers with headquarters in Mainz, Germany. In 2022, the group generated a turnover of over 480 million euros, employs over 2,500 people worldwide and has production facilities in nine countries.

19th of December 2023


The New Year is just around the corner and if you’re still looking for the right reading for the festive season, you’ve come to the right place. Because the new issue of K>Mobil is finally here!

What challenges did 2023 hold in store for ZOELLER and what news is not to be missed?

From page 48 you will find all the news about the ZOELLER Group:

  • Viennese stories: The Viennese fleet relies on hydrogen
  • Big plans for the future: ZOELLER Systems strives for global cost leadership
  • One of us: All-rounder Gerhard Weiss-Magura swaps his desk for a kayak
  • Excellent trade fair appearance: ZOELLER subsidiary EKOCEL shines at the POLECO trade fair in Poland
  • The new members of the team: Robot colleague – ZOELLER TECH successfully focusses on robots and automation
  • To be continued: First-class teamwork across national borders

Want to find out more?

Click here for the new issue: K>Mobil-61-DE-Web

Enjoy reading!

4th of December 2023


With the BLUEPOWER, Zöller-Kipper has developed a resource-saving battery-hydrogen vehicle for climate-neutral disposal – for a perfect, clean circular economy.

It is seen as the key to the energy revolution and the fuel of the future: hydrogen. After all, H2 is the most abundant element on earth, so supplies are guaranteed. The BLUEPOWER from Zöller-Kipper uses hydrogen fuel cell technology in combination with e-mobility. The hydrogen fuel cell acts as a range extender for the conventional battery.

In stop-and-go collective mode, an electric vehicle can cover around 160 kilometres without a charging break. Depending on the equipment, the BLUEPOWER can cover up to 300 kilometres.

An additional plus point: with a 300 kWh battery, enough for a day trip, charging takes around eleven hours with a typical device with a medium charging capacity. The refuelling stop for hydrogen is completed in under 15 minutes.

The vehicle is built on a so-called glider based on the Mercedes Benz Econic chassis. Zöller-Kipper refers to a vehicle chassis that has been specially prepared as a glider. The diesel engine, gearbox, tank and exhaust system are missing and are replaced by an electric motor, battery modules, CCS 2.0 charger, control units, high-voltage distributor, cooling elements, on-board charger, fuel cells and hydrogen tanks.

1st of December 2023


What began over 30 years ago with 4 welders as an “extended workbench” is now a successful player in the waste management industry. With around 280 employees, ZOELLER Systems, based in Ricany, is currently the most important supplier and producer of final assembled lifter units and parts for all technologys of lifters for the ZOELLER Group. Markus Dautermann, COO ZOELLER Group and CEO ZOELLER Systems, talks about his future plans for the Czech company.


Looking back over the last few years, what are you particularly proud of?

Markus Dautermann: “I am very proud of our joint achievement. ZOELLER Systems has a great team and a strong and stable management team that can draw on decades of experience. We always pull together and have mastered every challenge so far. Our market development in the Czech Republic also fills me with pride.

What is so remarkable about it?

Markus Dautermann: In addition to our role as the main supplier within the ZOELLER Group, we also supply the Czech and Slovakian markets and have been able to build up very strong customer relationships there. Today, we generate 25 per cent of ZOELLER Systems’ turnover in these markets.

What are your plans for the next 30 years?

Markus Dautermann: My focus is on digitalisation and automation. With six welding robots, a handling robot and a painting robot, we currently have the highest level of automation within the ZOELLER Group. The painting robot is a particular USP.

What makes this robot so special?

Markus Dautermann: Painting large surfaces using robots is easy. Lifters, on the other hand, have many angles. That is a challenge. Over 6,000 lines have to be programmed. I’m glad that I decided to go for it three years ago. We now paint 90 per cent of our lifters with the robot. That means progress and a competitive advantage.

Back to your plans

Markus Dautermann: My goal is global cost leadership. Thanks to our currently unrivalled level of automation and production volume, which we also achieve through the production of loading units for FAUN and for ZOELLER X2 and X4 bodies, the chances are very good. To this end, I will continue to drive forward automation and ensure a continuous gain in expertise. If we remain agile and continue to develop, we can realise this goal.

Thank you very much for the interview!

1. September 2023


“With the two new and now a total of three hydrogen-powered refuse collection vehicles, we at aha are setting a milestone when it comes to reducing emissions. This is because the EU Clean Vehicle Directive in conjunction with the “Clean Vehicles Procurement Act” sets a binding quota for the procurement of new zero-emission vehicles by 2025. We are on the right track with hydrogen-powered vehicles,” says Thomas Schwarz, Managing Director of Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Region Hannover.

The new refuse collection vehicles with ZOELLER MEDIUM X4 body and EPSILON Lifter are purely electrically powered. An 85 kWh battery is installed in the vehicle where the combustion diesel engine used to be. The electric drive is located between the front and rear axles. To ensure a sufficient and safe range, the vehicles are also equipped with a fuel cell that runs on hydrogen. When required, the fuel cell generates electrical energy and feeds the battery. Another very important plus is recuperation.

Over 20 % more range thanks to recuperation

During a daily tour, a refuse collection vehicle empties several hundred waste bins, depending on the district. To do this, the containers must be approached. The vehicle stops (brakes) to empty the bins, and the braking energy can be stored back into the battery through recuperation. This clearly shows how important recuperation is in electric refuse collection vehicles.

One to three fuel cells possible in the BLUEPOWER vehicle from ZOELLER

The manufacturer of the refuse collection vehicles, Zöller Kipper GmbH, can install one to three fuel cells in the BLUEPOWER vehicles, depending on requirements. In order to determine the required power range, Zöller collects data on site over a period of 14 days and analyses the area to ensure that the user receives an optimally configured vehicle.

“It is also very important to us at aha that the e-collection vehicles offer the same load of 11 tonnes and the same loading volume. Our collection areas are designed in such a way that the collection vehicle is practically fully loaded when the last bin in the area is emptied. This means that the new e-collection vehicles can be used immediately on the existing routes without having to change or reschedule the collection areas,” explains Dunja Veenker, Head of Waste and Recycling Collection at aha. In 2023, aha will take over a fourth and fifth BLUEPOWER vehicle from ZOELLER.

The “Alternative drives for waste collection vehicles” project is being funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport with a total of 1,504,242.00 euros as part of the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. The funding guideline is coordinated by NOW GmbH and implemented by Projektträger Jülich (PtJ).

23rd of July 2023


ZÖLLER-KIPPER works together with the diagnostics company Mainz Biomed N.V. as part of its occupational health management programme.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, bowel cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide. As early diagnosis of the disease is crucial for successful treatment, ZÖLLER-KIPPER has decided to support its 350 employees in early detection. A small step that can save lives.

Cancer prevention made easy: early detection test is well received by employees

With new test kits, employees can now have a bowel cancer screening with little effort. Irina Riffel, Head of HR at ZÖLLER-KIPPER, aptly describes the simple registration and use of the test kits: “Our employees can easily access the patient portal, request a kit and receive their results within five days. Feedback on the process has been positive and we are very pleased to be able to offer this test, as early detection and diagnosis of colorectal cancer is crucial for better treatment options and outcomes. The health and well-being of our employees is our top priority.”

An important step towards the future:

The results are promising. This not only benefits the company’s own employees. By using the early detection tests approved in Europe, the company is making an important contribution to the approval of the kits in the USA. An important step towards the future, as Guido Baechler, CEO of Mainz Biomed, emphasises: “We are very pleased with the initial results, as they show what the future holds for patients when they have better access to easy-to-use, convenient and affordable screening options.”

  • The company founders of AMEC shpk Altin Fuga (left) and Oltjon Sota (right) are now co-partners. Markus Dautermann (centre) is delighted with the new strong partnership.

11th of September 2023


ZÖLLER-KIPPER GmbH recently acquired a majority stake in AMEC shpk, a company based in Durres, west of the Albanian capital Tirana.

The company founders Altin Fuga (CEO) and Oltjon Sota (CFO) will remain as co-shareholders of AMEC. By taking over the very well-equipped company, which was only founded in 2020, the Mainz-based manufacturer of refuse collection vehicles and lifter systems is securing more capacity in steel construction and relieving the burden on its production companies in Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy, among others, in the manufacture of components

The modern equipment at AMEC offers the best opportunities for integration into the production processes of the ZOELLER Group. The young team of employees is optimally trained for this. The aim is to develop the production of individual components, welded components and fully assembled, painted and tested kits. A positive side effect is the proximity to the plant in Italy.

“Secure and future-proof supply chains are just as important to us as safeguarding our expertise through our own production facilities, combined with a transfer of knowledge from ZOELLER to AMEC, so that the quality of the components meets our high standards,” explains Markus Dautermann, COO of the ZOELLER Group.

„Sichere und zukunftsfeste Lieferketten sind uns genauso wichtig, wie die Absicherung unseres Know-Hows durch eigene Produktionsstätten, verbunden mit einem Wissenstransfer von ZOELLER zu AMEC, damit die Qualität der Komponenten unseren hohen Standards entspricht.“

4th of April 2023


Bischofshofen, 12.04.2023 – STUMMER Kommunalfahrzeuge and SCANTEC want to engage in dialogue with pioneers from a wide range of industries who also want to make a difference today for tomorrow and highlight opportunities in the fight against climate change by taking part in the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival from 15 to 17 May in Vienna’s Marx Halle. The two companies from the ZOELLER Group will be joining forces to present SmartScan, a new system for better and more efficient waste separation. STUMMER will also be presenting its sustainable electric and hydrogen drives for emission-free waste disposal.

SmartScan: Intelligent methods of digital contaminant and recyclable material detection

Did the metal can accidentally end up in the residual waste bin instead of the recycling bin? STUMMER Kommunalfahrzeuge and SCANTEC are working together in innovative ways to recognise mistakes like this and promote long-term awareness of clean waste separation.

Back in October 2021, SCANTEC established a contaminant detection system for screening waste collection bins before they are emptied – now the company also offers optical detection of recyclable materials using artificial intelligence: the latest AI technology uses various camera systems that capture image data of the waste in the bin after each emptying – the data is then processed using special deep learning algorithms. In this way, misdirected waste can be quickly recognised, communicated to local authorities or even queried by citizens themselves via an app. “The insights gained by SmartScan can significantly improve waste separation – and thus not only reduce problematic substances in waste and reduce the amount of residual waste overall, but also increase the amount of recyclable materials and save costs,” explains SCANTEC Managing Director Ulrich Helfmeier. An advanced solution that can make a significant contribution to achieving recycling targets.

More electric and hydrogen drives for emission-free disposal 

STUMMER Kommunalfahrzeuge is taking a further step towards sustainability in the field of electromobility: with over 70 refuse collection bodies on electric chassis, the Austrian company is several years ahead of other providers. STUMMER also recently handed over the first hydrogen refuse collection vehicles to “Servus”, a joint venture between Holding Graz and Saubermacher, and to the municipal waste management organisation of the City of Vienna. “The advantage of the hydrogen drive is that it requires a smaller battery capacity and the fuel cells are used as range extenders. This allows longer collection distances of up to 250 kilometres and at the same time provides at least eleven tonnes of load and enough energy to load the body twice,” says STUMMER Managing Director Johann Streif. In Austria, Vienna and Graz are pioneers and so far the only cities with hydrogen-powered refuse collection vehicles.

Visit us at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival and see for yourself!

Experience the progress in waste management at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival – including a live demonstration of our innovative Smartscan technology, which shows how waste separation can be optimised using artificial intelligence. The team from STUMMER Kommunalfahrzeuge and SCANTEC welcomes interested visitors to stand no. 47 and will be happy to provide personalised advice

Find press release here

29th of March 2023


“See what is possible when 100 people pursue the same goal for an hour,” summarises Axel Gundlach from the artist team “KrAXWORX”. That’s really something to behold!

As part of Thomas Kirchhoff’s KIRCHHOFF Culture Life, this fantastic Chagall-style work of art was created in the production hall at the main plant in Mainz. The initiative is aimed at the workforce and their families.

True to the motto: experience, feel good, listen, enjoy, join in. Musical support was provided by the fantastic accordionists Ihor and Denys Pankiv from Ukraine.

Zöller-Kipper GmbH would like to thank all participants and partners who made this event possible!

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