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25. Januar 2024


The shareholders of the KIRCHHOFF Group have decided to modernise the corporate structures of the KIRCHHOFF Ecotec Group and to adapt them to the company’s international presence and aspirations. To this end, the KIRCHHOFF Ecotec holding companies will be converted into the legal form of a European Company (Societas Europaea, SE).

The KIRCHHOFF Group has always been a strong, innovative family business with a long tradition, company and family history. Prudent behaviour, reliability, integrity and safety for our employees, customers and suppliers are among the core values of the KIRCHHOFF Group and are fundamental components of the company’s DNA. Consistent family values, sustainable structures and secure jobs are the basis for the family to lead the KIRCHHOFF Group into a successful future. The family shareholders have therefore implemented a cross-generational succession solution in the form of a family foundation to ensure that the KIRCHHOFF Group remains in the hands of the Kirchhoff family in the long term. The modernisation of the KIRCHHOFF Ecotec Group is also to take place in connection with this. Overall, the new structure will ensure the long-term survival of the group of companies. The decision-making structures in the company and the influence of the Kirchhoff family will remain essentially unchanged in the new structure.

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