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1st of December 2023


What began over 30 years ago with 4 welders as an “extended workbench” is now a successful player in the waste management industry. With around 280 employees, ZOELLER Systems, based in Ricany, is currently the most important supplier and producer of final assembled lifter units and parts for all technologys of lifters for the ZOELLER Group. Markus Dautermann, COO ZOELLER Group and CEO ZOELLER Systems, talks about his future plans for the Czech company.


Looking back over the last few years, what are you particularly proud of?

Markus Dautermann: “I am very proud of our joint achievement. ZOELLER Systems has a great team and a strong and stable management team that can draw on decades of experience. We always pull together and have mastered every challenge so far. Our market development in the Czech Republic also fills me with pride.

What is so remarkable about it?

Markus Dautermann: In addition to our role as the main supplier within the ZOELLER Group, we also supply the Czech and Slovakian markets and have been able to build up very strong customer relationships there. Today, we generate 25 per cent of ZOELLER Systems’ turnover in these markets.

What are your plans for the next 30 years?

Markus Dautermann: My focus is on digitalisation and automation. With six welding robots, a handling robot and a painting robot, we currently have the highest level of automation within the ZOELLER Group. The painting robot is a particular USP.

What makes this robot so special?

Markus Dautermann: Painting large surfaces using robots is easy. Lifters, on the other hand, have many angles. That is a challenge. Over 6,000 lines have to be programmed. I’m glad that I decided to go for it three years ago. We now paint 90 per cent of our lifters with the robot. That means progress and a competitive advantage.

Back to your plans

Markus Dautermann: My goal is global cost leadership. Thanks to our currently unrivalled level of automation and production volume, which we also achieve through the production of loading units for FAUN and for ZOELLER X2 and X4 bodies, the chances are very good. To this end, I will continue to drive forward automation and ensure a continuous gain in expertise. If we remain agile and continue to develop, we can realise this goal.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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